Blog Update: Categories Added

I have added Categories to the blog – there is a list of categories in the panel on the right. I have also classified the previous 250+ blog posts into categories. Currently, each post belongs to a single category. This should make it easier to understand my thinking since its possible to get related posts together. At the end of each post, it gives the Category it belongs it.

Among the next few enhancements we are working on:
– making the monthly archives page into an outline (listing of Titles) so that its possible to see all the entries for the month at a glance
– see if it is possible to link the category at the end of the blog post to the Category page
– enhancing the Search so that it takes you directly to the post rather than the date on which the post appears; also make the search entries show up reverse chronologically (newest first)
– adding a Google Box so I can provide additional links to a topic I may have written about
– adding the Tech Talk archives into the Blog, so that I can reference them individually and they become part of the site search engine also

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.