Enterprise Software: Quarter Update

This has been the area where we’ve not had a clear idea of how we want to go ahead. This is partly because its an area where I am personally out of depth. This is one thing I am now working to change. But as we’ve explored various paths, a strategy has slowly emerged.

We want to use PostgreSQL and JBoss as the building blocks. The former is a relational database and the latter is a Linux-based open source application server. This means understanding J2EE and EJB, and also examining some of the IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse. We’ve also put together a sample application plan for internal use to be built using these components in July.

Our objectives for the quarter here are:
– put in place a roadmap for Visual Biz-ic and the Enterprise Software Components
– also study ebXML and RosettaNet to see how we can leverage the business process standards work
– identify some milestones which we can build on
– for me personally to get greater familiarity with this space
– identify potential partners we can work with

By the end of September, I am hoping to have a much clearer picture on how we intend to proceed here.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.