Separate the Screen

Interesting comments by David Coursey in “What do you think future TV will look like?” on ZdNet’s AnchorDesk:

The component model, with tomorrow’s TV set reduced to the role of a monitor (just like a PC’s), is the concept that wins.

We’d be much better off, I think, separating the screen, which should have a fairly long service life, from the electronics, which may be subject to regular upgrades and replacement, like a PC.

For the most part, I expect the digital hub to more closely follow the model of a computer and peripherals (or component stereo system) than that of a single box that does everything and includes the screen, too.

How many components will be connected to create this system? I don’t know, though it’s clear customers want more features, with fewer cables and remote controls to connect and operate them.

And, yes, all this stuff will be clustered around the big screen in your den. So if you want to say the TV will be the center of the hub, that’s OK with me–so long as we remember that the TV screen is merely an output device and not the center of the digital universe.

Reading this, I reflected on the Thin Client-Thick Server philosophy inthe enterprise context. It is nearly the same! The monitor on the desktop is merely a “remoted screen”, with the server being the digital hub (processing and storage). The software on the server can be thought of as the components (or perhaps “blades”).

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