UDDI’s Slow Progress

News.com writes on UDDI in Directory assistance for Web services?:

Born during the business-to-business e-commerce craze, the directory project was touted as a “Yellow Pages” for e-commerce applications and services. The basis of the directory is a Web services specification called Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI), which identifies and catalogs Web services so they can be easily found online.
The specification is finding a home, albeit slowly, in big companies as a way to build directories for internal Web services projects–allowing the companies to better catalog and communicate services across departments. Yet the bigger dream to build the UDDI-based public Web services directory, known as the UDDI Business Registry, is just that for now–a dream, experts say.

“The idea of a public registry was ahead of its time because you have to have other parts, like service-quality guarantees and trust,” Gartner analyst Daryl Plummer said. “People are using it now, but it’s just experimentation. We are a good four to five years away.”

Also came across a story in InternetWeek on whether UDDI and LDAP would be a perfect fit: ” Couple UDDI’s strengths — widely accepted and standards-based — with LDAP’s advantages — broad enterprise deployment and proven security and scalability features — and Web services may have the repository architecture required to make a major impact on the enterprise.”

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