India Computer Stats

A MAIT Presentation (ZIP file) gives a detailed overview of the IT scene in India. Summary of stats for 2001-02 (year ended March):

– PC sales: 1.67 million (down 11% year-on-year)
– Of these: 1.3 million were bought by businesses, of which 47% by SMEs
– First-time buyers: 71%
– Assembled PC share: 46% (down from 53%)
– Top 4 metros account for 56% (down from 68%), next 4 for 14% (vs 20%)
– Projected PC sales for 2002-03: 1.9 million (up 12%)

– Notebooks: 45K, Servers: 51K
– Printers 836K, of which: Dotmatrix 345K, Inkjet 428K, Laserjet 61K
– Network cards: 1 million, Hubs: 206K, Modems: 470K
– Internet accounts: 1.3 million

An excerpt from the press release on the surprise package in India: “One of the most notable findings of the study this year has been the increased consumption of IT products in smaller towns and cities. 30% of total PC sales was accounted for by Class B and C class cities – a phenomenal growth of 106%. ”

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