Emergic mentioned in Indian Express

Emergic has got its first media mention — in Arun Katiyar’s Personal Technology column in the Sunday edition of Indian Express. Writes Arun in the brief story entitled Open Source:

Today, after almost 30 months of soul searching, Rajesh Jain has decided to take a very bold step: he has gone completely transparent with his next Big Idea. In fact, he hopes that the more he talks about it, the more he lets you know about it, the better his chances of developing it into a large, viable business.

As he jokingly puts it, his is truly an “open source” company, right from the business idea upwards. Its fascinating to see his thoughts turning into words and words crystallising into business ideas and these ideas morphing into his dream of building India into a leader in technological products, an “anchor store in the world mall and not a discount store”.

Of course, the flip side of writing about all that one is doing is if one fails, it is also available for all to see! Hopefully, I won’t be ending up that way 🙂

Arun is one of the best writers (and persons) I know. [Some of his earlier Personal Technology posts.] But writing is very little of what he has doing for the past few years! Arun’s writing has a magic in his simplicity. Wish we would all read more from him.

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