Dan Gillmor’s Microsoft-free existence

Writes Gillmor: “A year ago this week I “declared independence” from Microsoft. I’m back to tell you how it’s going — pretty well in some respects, mediocre in others.”

A few comments from Gillmor, who now uses a Mac:
– I still think Linux is going to make some inroads on desktop computers. Just not on mine, not yet.
– The real test, as I noted when discussing Linux, was with applications. For what I do, and for what the vast majority of other people do, this is not a problem on the Mac.
– Whether you go Mac, Linux or anything else, I hope you’ll join an independence movement. We may lose in the end, but we must try.

Well, I’ve had a nearly Microsoft-free existence for a month now with the Linux Thin Client. It has convinced me that “independence” is possible. There are uses with some applications for some people, but for the most part of what most people do, one can live, with a little learning, without Microsoft apps on the desktop. The ideal mix is to have everyone on Linux Thin Clients talking to a Linux Thick Server, and have a few Windows desktops (and the applications) which are accessible from the Linux TC if needed. Cuts the cost dramatically.

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