ChoiceMail Blocks Spam

Walter Mossberg writes in WSJ:

The spam-fighting program, called ChoiceMail, is being released today by DigiPortal Software, of Parsippany, N.J. It is available through the company’s Web site, at In my tests, it cut my spam to zero.

ChoiceMail doesn’t try to identify spam and block it. Instead, it shifts the burden of effort to the spammers, by requiring them to get your permission to deliver the spam. If they don’t ask for permission, or if you refuse to grant it, their spam messages are blocked and never appear in your mailbox, period.

Here’s how the program works. ChoiceMail examines every e-mail that comes in before it shows up in the inbox of your e-mail program. If the sender is on an approved list, easily created when you install the program, the e-mail immediately passes through. If the sender is on a rejected list, the e-mail is blocked and deleted.

If the sender is on neither list, ChoiceMail automatically sends an e-mail explaining that you are using a “permission-based” system. The e-mail asks the sender to go to a Web page and fill out a permission form. The request is then sent to you for approval. If you accept it, the e-mail is delivered to you. If not, the e-mail is killed.

Spam is problem #1 when it comes to email. ChoiceMail has a simple solution, which should work.

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