Oracle’s Collabortation Software

Oracle takes on Microsoft’s Exchange with its new Collaboration Suite. Writes

The new “collaboration” software will allow businesses to manage e-mail, voice mail, schedules, as well as hold Web-based meetings, and will allow employees to sync their information to wireless handheld devices. It is a combination of new and previously released Oracle technology and runs on top of Oracle’s flagship 9i database software.

Also part of the collaboration software is Oracle’s Internet File System (IFS), 2-year-old technology built into the database. The company’s goal for IFS was to make the Windows operating system unnecessary, positioning the technology as a replacement to the Windows File System built into Microsoft’s operating system. IFS stores and manages different kinds of content, including audio, video and e-mail and Microsoft Word and Excel documents. It moves data storage from a PC’s hard drive to back-end servers on networks.

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