Emergic Update

Last week was a slow, testing week. Progress was incremental. Though one thing has become increasingly clear to me: we are on the right track. This is a long journey. There are going to be some good weeks and some not-so-good weeks. Last week fell somewhere in between.

BlogStreet: There were some dramatic performance improvements, and one can actually see neighbourhoods of about 1000+ blogs. Need to iteratively build this through to 10,000+. We ran into a problem with haywire bots, and are working to fix this. Also, code reviews and optimisations. This week, we will begin with the Blog Auto-Categorisation. Once we do that, then we are ready to do a beta of the site.

Digital Dashboard: Problems with different kinds of RSS feeds slowed us down in the RSS Aggregator. But, we did get a first implementation of the deletion of entries in the feeds. This now makes it possible for me to view only the new entries: a big jump in terms of usability.

Thin Client-Thick Server: We are trying to get the hardware and software RAIDs working. This is important because data on the server cannot be lost. We also want to put in place testbed with a “data recorder”, so we can better debug problems when they come. Moved two of our marketing staff to TCs, and are now working through the OpenOffice compatibility issues.

Enterprise Software: We gained a better understanding of JBoss and RosettaNet this week, both building blocks. This process will continue in the coming week.

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