New Features in Exchange, Outlook writes about the new features planned in Exchange and Outlook:

The new version of Exchange, code-named Titanium, will be more secure because the company will, by default, disable certain messaging features to prevent hackers or virus makers from taking advantage of openings, said Jim Bernardo, Microsoft’s Exchange product manager.

Outlook will sport a new look, with Microsoft moving the window that previews the text of an e-mail from the bottom of the screen to the right-hand side, Bernardo said.

Another new feature is the ability to group e-mail based on when messages arrived. “It will provide some visual cues and better navigation of what’s important and timely in my inbox,” he said. “You can group messages from when they came in–today, yesterday, last week, two weeks ago.”

Outlook will also feature improvements in sorting mail, including new multicolored flags that people can use to determine each e-mail’s importance. Computer users can then put flagged e-mail in multiple folders in their inbox. If they forget where they put the flagged e-mail, they can do a search to find all their important messages all at once, Bernardo said.

The changes, while good, seem to be cosmetic and incremental. The real leap in productivity will come through the use of blogs and RSS syndication on the desktop, as part of the Digital Dashboard.

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