Knowledge Sharing

An interview with Robert Buckman of Buckman Labs in Singapore’s Business Times [via Mohan Narendran’s comment on John Robb’s blog]:

We found that over 90 per cent of the knowledge in the company was in the heads of our people and it was changing every minute of every day. It was not written down yet. Therefore, if we wanted to achieve success in the fast-changing environment that we found ourselves in, we had to learn how to move this knowledge across the organisation to where it was needed and when it was needed.

It is this movement of knowledge that creates the value. It is movement in response to a need. That knowledge that moves in response to a need of the organisation is the valuable knowledge that you should capture for future reference. It is now explicit and it is useful to put it into a knowledge base.

The focus, as Buckman puts it, should be Knowledge Sharing, not Knowledge Management. This is where blogs come in.

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