Gigabit Ethernet

WSJ writes about Case Western Reserve University:

In all, 16,000 computers, including student-owned machines in every dorm room, will be linked over the coming year to a fiber-optic network that delivers data at up to one gigabit per second. That is about a thousand times faster than the typical home broadband connection — so fast that the research university’s computer experts still don’t know exactly what they will do with so much capacity.

And that’s the point of this $27 million investment: Case will look to develop applications that benefit from a supercharged Internet.

With the new system, “you can actually do full-screen, full-motion high-definition video with high-definition sound,” said the school’s technology chief, Lev Gonick. “That’s pretty amazing when you think about research science.”

Medical students will be able to watch surgery in real time from a remote location yet experience it as if they were in the room. A musician could even study with a teacher in, say, New York via an Internet audiovisual conference — provided the teacher had an equally fast connection.

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