China to build Windows clone

Writes the New Scientist:

China plans to create a computer desktop operating system that could rival Microsoft’s Windows range, according to a Chinese news report. Some experts believe the code for such a system could be pulled together from “open source” software already available for free.

The Chinese newspaper People’s Daily reports that a group of 18 Chinese companies and universities have begun working on the operating system. The report says it will be designed to have similar functionality to Microsoft’s Windows 98 platform, and will be built to run Microsoft’s office software. It should be ready within about a year.

The report indicates that developers are keen to undermine the dominance of Microsoft’s software in China buy building an alternative standard operating system. It states: “The monopoly of foreign office software over the Chinese market will be broken.”

The report does not clearly identify the OS base, but chances are that it could be Linux. My take: why wait for a year? A Linux-based Thin Client-Thick Server can get everyone started now! It does not have to run MS Office, just be compatible with it, as OpenOffice is.

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Rajesh Jain

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