Blogging hits mainstream – SF Gate

Writes Joyce Slaton: “Blogging, aficionados say, is revolutionary because it puts the tools for disseminating news into the hands of what traditional media somewhat patronizingly refers to as “consumers” (or, more kindly, “readers”). Just as desktop publishing popularized DIY publications design and digital video tools are making it possible for almost anyone to make a movie, blogging tools are turning Joe Schmoe into Joe Schmoe, reporter.”

While public blogs are great and blossomming, the real value of blogs is going to come within organisations for knowledge sharing. It is just like the Internet – we were all taken up by the consumer portals, but as time has gone on, the real business value lies in how the Internet has helped companies re-engineer their business processes and communications across the value chain. It does not make great copy, but it makes for great competitive advantage. That is going to be true for “knowledge” blogs (k-logs) also.

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