Intel’s MP3 Player for Video

Writes WSJ:

Intel said it has developed underlying technology for a new class of pocket-size gadgets that will store as many as 70 hours of video programming on a hard disk.

The gadgets, which Intel is calling portable videoplayers, are the latest in a growing category of devices that use storage capabilities normally found in computers to store digital entertainment.

To load up the player with video, users will need to connect the devices to a computer or a digital video recorder such as TiVo, a popular device for storing television programming onto a hard disk in the home, made by TiVo Inc., Alviso, Calif. Intel said it will take about three minutes to download roughly four hours of video, assuming a fast network connection and a new image-compression plan Intel is pushing. The devices, which also will store digital pictures and audio, will sport small color screens and enough battery life to play four hours of video.

Adds ” Intel won’t manufacture the device, but the design is meant for a player to be the size of a paperback book that downloads content from a PC via a USB 2.0 port or through wireless 802.11b networking technology. The device would include an Intel XScale processor, hard drive and liquid crystal display. The devices are expected to be available from manufacturers next year for about $400.”

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