Setting up a Blog

Its a question I get asked often. NYTimes provides an answer:

For those who want a simple Weblog and do not have a file server to store it on, several sites offer templates and serve as free hosts, for example, LiveJournal (www and Blogger ( For more complex blogs with more customizable features and fewer advertisements, both sites also offer services for $50 a year or less.

You can also buy desktop software programs to create a Weblog. Radio UserLand sells for $39.95 and works with Windows and Macintosh systems. Users receive 40 megabytes of space to store their blogs on the software company’s servers. A trial version can be downloaded at, and UserLand Software has a Weblog information site at, which itself is a Weblog about Weblogs.

For diarists with their own Web server accounts, Movable Type has free software for creating a Weblog at, and Fog Creek Software has a free version of its CityDesk program for Windows at

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