Longhorn and Yukon

Microsoft’s Road Map Shows New Windows File System, writes Information Week:

Microsoft plans to accompany the release of a future version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, with versions of Office, Exchange, and Visual Studio based on database technology under development.

Microsoft execs confirmed that the Longhorn version of the Windows client and server–due several years from now–will use as its file system database technology slated for inclusion in the next version of SQL Server, code-named Yukon. The upcoming version of SQL Server will store documents, E-mail, multimedia files, and relational data in a common data store, in XML format.

Later this decade, that data store will buttress Microsoft Windows and Exchange. Instead of users dropping documents and messages into folders to organize them, then having to memorize their systems, Windows Longhorn could tag documents or digital photos with XML metadata that lets users quickly reorganize files in different groups according to content.

What we are doing with the Thick Server software is also creating an operating system. We are aggregating various components from open source and putting them together. It may be good to look at some of these ideas from Microsoft to see if we can incorporate them on the server side.

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