Emergic Update

The big development of last week was thinking through the Information Refinery (IR) concept, which will now serve as the framework on which much of the software will be built. The TC-TS can be thought of as the underlying infrastructure on which the IR will be built. The two are like the equivalent of an enterprise Windows and Office. We still need to detail out the architecture in much more detail, but for the first time, we now have a vision which integrates the world of blogs, RSS syndication, events and enterprise software.

BlogStreet: We will be putting out the beta in the next few days. It will have a blog neighbourhood analyser and a listing of the top 500 blogs. We’ve also created a service wherein anyone can request the related blogs given a blog URL. Quite useful – made me aware of some more blogs which I should be reading regularly!

Digital Dashboard: We will be launching blogging internally within our company using MovableType. People will be able to set up private, group and public blogs. This will also have the RSS aggregator.

Going ahead, the two projects will be merged into what we will call the IRI (Information Refinery Infrastuture) – will see if I can come up with a better name!

One of the early tasks will be to create an RSS-ifier, which given a URL gives the RSS feed. This is important because when we need to get content for people to read and post into the RSS aggregator. There are many sites which do not produce an RSS feed. We will use some of the proglet ideas which we have used earlier to get blogrolls and related blogs for screen scraping to get the headlines from a page. Also this week, need to put together the roadmap for developing the IRI, especially the architecture.

Thin Client-Thick Server: We managed to get Tally to run on the Linux Thick Server. It is a round-about way, but at least we were able to do it. This came up because without Tally it would have been difficult to get people to use the Thin Clients in many companies. With this, we can now deploy the TC-TS at our first external location this week. We’ve also formed a Productisation group to bridge the TC-TS engineering efforts and the market needs.

Enterprise Software: We’ve decided to do an internal application which is on the lines of a client information system (outlined in the IR post). To begin with, we will integrate information from accouting, marketing and support on a single page per client. This will use the blog and digital dashboard base. We may also use one of the commercial application servers (probably Weblogic) initially for development, and then later switch to JBoss.

Going ahead, we will thus have 3 product development groups: the TC-TS as it exists now, IRI and the Enterprise Apps. Will fine-tune this in the coming week. Am also thinking of setting up a small RD team which looks at some new ideas like 802.11b.

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