Ozzie and Udell on KM

Ray Ozzie (Groove) wrote an essay entitled “Why“. He writes:

We spent years and years at Lotus trying to convince people of the “higher order” value of collaborative processes, sharing, and KM. And I learned the hard way that fighting what appear to be natural organizational and social dynamics is very tough. Which is why eMail is the most popular collaboration tool on the planet: it works the way that people naturally want to work. And which is why Groove is built upon a client-side, personally empowering “email model” than an “app server” model. Mobile, instant, ad hoc, private. Effective collaboration tools strike a balance between personal need/behavior and collective/organizational need.

And so here I sit, typing into Radio. The personally-empowering client-side online/offline UI of Radio, in my view, like Groove, offers us a glimpse at a new model of interaction that may indeed make it more natural to post into a public space. Or maybe post into “semi-public” spaces, more naturally. Which is why I’ve been fascinated by what lies at the juncture between the eMail model, the Groove model, and the blog model.

Jon Udell (InfoWorld) comments: “Effective communication always has required the ability to compartmentalize, to empathize with and belong to different groups, to manage multiple layers of meaning, to project a range of identities. Now that we have so many modes of communication to choose from, balancing the interplay of public and private modes has gotten trickier. For what it’s worth, my gut tells me that we need to have a set of flexible frameworks in place, to get people using them in a variety of boundary-crossing scenarios, and then to adapt the technology as needs and opportunities arise.”

This is the way we need to think for our Information Refinery and Digital Dashboard.

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