RosettaNet-UCC Merger

Writes InfoWorld:

The pair will develop a large database of common objects that can be used as building blocks for business processes, Hamilton added.

“Now they can have one large set of databases, if you will, of objects and dictionary elements,” she said. “Then each industry can specify which in that library they will use. Our goal is to create this common collaboration architecture which would support commonality whenever possible but at the same time support the individuality or uniqueness of different industries.”

This library of objects will benefit businesses as they seek to launch new b-to-b relationships with partners, said Hollis Bischoff, an analyst at Meta Group, in Stamford, Conn.

“Most organizations haven’t institutionalized to the point where they can say, ‘I already have this process as a Web service or a workflow,'” Bischoff said. “Instead of having to negotiate with company A, B, and C, they can take the object that is closest to what they need to do. It allows both partner organizations to find a way to trust each other because they know it is a trusted process. The more we can take these objects and make these non-proprietary, the easier it is to get to that nirvana of plug-and-play.”

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