Blogs for Knowledge Management

Writes Business 2.0: “Blogs are also powerful knowledge management tools…Blogging is attractive as a vehicle for personal expression because it’s an easy way to capture, comment on, and keep abreast of interesting tidbits of information. The same characteristic makes blogging well-suited to businesses that want to track information about products and markets, or distribute information to employees and customers. You see something interesting on the Web, and within seconds you can put a link to it on your weblog, add some comments, and be on to something else. Naturally, other bloggers are doing the same thing. Over time, your own blog and the other blogs you spend time reading develop into a big, interconnected web of information. It’s like a quick-and-dirty, easy-to-use knowledge management system. ”

Echoes our line of thinking…we have in fact set up blogs within our (small) organisation.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.