Meeting with Traction Software

I also met with Traction Software yesterday – with Greg, Chris and Jordan. Traction has a very interesting enterprise blogging platform – and I use the word platform with care. It has its roots in the work done in hypertext over the past decades and creates a very rich environment. For us who thrive in information, it works like magic with all its cross-referencing, “collection” and ease of publishing. A must-look if one is looking at collaborative applications with a blogging base.

Greg made an interesting point on his blog after the meeting: “It was very refreshing to talk with Rajesh this morning. He has a very clear, simple and direct way of making his points, while communicating a personal sense of his values and commitment. I’d call it his reality enhancement field in contrast to Steve Job’s well known reality distortion field. The experience made me reflect on the personal aspect of blogging that I find valuable: it’s the ability to use a cultivated record of the sources, insights and opinions of people I choose to trust (including me!) as a non-intrusive source of facts, opinions, and more effective understanding of their point of view.”

The one thing I am convinced about is that the blogging revolution and its use in enterprises is just beginning. Just like the web and home pages began as a consumer thing and later began being adopted by enterprises (initially through the efforts of small teams or even individuals running skunkwork operations), I see blogs penetrating deep into the enterprise – to a point that they will become invisible and embedeed in what we do as information workers.

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