Meetings with Bloggers

John Robb makes an interesting point about what happens when Bloggers meet Bloggers:

1) We don’t have to exchange business cards. They know where I am located on the Internet. I know where they are located on the Internet. My personal weblog has spam-free e-mail, and a link to instant messaging. There is a link to a bio page that provides some detail on who I am and what I have done.

2) By reading the weblog of the person I am about to meet with, I already know a lot about that person. Most importantly: I know how they think through reading their writings. There is probably no better way to supercharge a meeting than to read the weblog of the person you are about to meet with. It provides a strong basis of understanding necessary for high order interaction.

3) I can write up the results of the meeting on my weblog and share it with a wider audience. That provides feedback to the person you met with and shares the insight developed in the meeting with a wider audience.

I concur (and not just as one who has met with John recently). There is so much more depth because of the blogs – there is a context which otherwise would take up most of the meeting to explain which doesn’t need to be gone into. Blogs and the Meeting become part of the extended conversation, and not just discrete independent events.

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