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Quite a few articles on Linux on the Desktop on ZDNet as part of its special report: “Fueled in part by Microsoft’s grip on the desktop market, corporate interest in Linux as a desktop alternative continues to gain momentum. Though there are still hurdles to face for corporate adoption, products such as Ximian Evolution and StarOffice are helping to make the Linux desktop a corporate reality.”

Another viewpoint comes from Freezer Burn with an Apple OS centric viewpoint: “Linux has no future on PowerPC hardware as a desktop. Apple has that covered. Unless you’re absolutely against commercial software, you don’t need to use Linux…One has to think that the current situation of Windows dominance has done some good for the computer industry. Because of this, there are far more x86-based computer being used by people than PPC computers. And for this, Linux is still viable for the desktop….So Linux definately has a place on the desktop.. but not on PowerPC hardware. OS X has taken care of that.”

Still no mention of Linux on Thin Clients. Linux TCs are disruptive. Everyone today thinks of thick, new desktops. That is because the context is either US, Western Europe or Japan. Change the context to India, China, Brazil and see how the picture changes! It opens up a new world of opportunities and ideas, which is exactly what the tech world needs today.

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Rajesh Jain

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