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Writes John Robb: “A weblog tool is the natural next step in the evolution of the browser. A weblog tool shouldn’t be something that is located on a remote website or server. Rather, it’s what needs to happen to the browser in order to reach the Web’s next level. The browser needs intelligence. It needs two-way publishing capability. It needs to allow you to subscribe to news from updated sites and allow you to share files and collaborative content directly with others. Only then will the browser live up to its potential.”

A comment from Rahul Dave in one of the comments:

A very simple way of achieving this: Use mozilla’s XUL. If I had a week of complete freedom to do this, I could put a great interface on Radio’s aggregator, with wysiwyg editor, and as mentioned rarlier, presence based and non prescence based im, using jabberzilla and tcp.im.

Check these screenshots of the oeone linux desktop to see whats possible with mozilla based development these days.

This may be useful for Rajesh too, its an open-source desktop, and has a built in application api in javascript. Mozilla can also spean xmlhttprequest(from the ie world), xmlrpc, soap, and jabber, and there is available a mechanism to add additional protocols as shared libraries using protozilla(protozilla.mozdev.org), which has been used for example to add freenet and named pipe support…

XUL is an XML dialect. Functionality is built in javascript with the ability to talk to components written in python, ruby, java, c++, and javascript itself.

Need to understand this more. I like the basic concept: browser and blogging tool integration using Mozilla.

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