Emergic Update

I have been travelling for the past couple weeks so have not done an update on Emergic. Here goes:

Thin Client-Thick Server: Our CD product is ready – its a 3-CD install. Installs the Thick Server and provides the base for doing the Thin Client configurations. Need to do the initial documentation – we’ll be ready with our first beta ready to ship end of the week. Where we have not made much headway has been in getting the first TC-TS sites for installation. Perhaps, by trying to target our MailServ cutsomers, we are going after the wrong segment. They are mainly medium-to-large corporates who already have 1:1 computer:person ratio in their head offices. Most already have paid for Windows licences, and they also have some specific Windows applications which makes it hard for them to switch. Need to think differently about how we should be takling our product ot market and who can be our first customers.

Enterprise Applications: We’ve been working on the Client Information System within Netcore. Have written MS-Excel (Customer Information) and MySQL (Support Information) adaptors to be able to extract data out from these databases (we will do one for Tally for the accounting data later). We’ve also creates the database structures in which to map this information. The development will now be done in Java using JBoss. We’ve also been working on a broader level to map out customer processes and the order mmanagement processes.

Digital Dashboard: We are putting together a dashboard with information from Mail, IM, OpenOffice and the internal (enterprise) blogs aggregated together, along with links to key applications used on the desktop. This is a starting point. Am convinced that a Dashboard is what we all need – “value-added aggregation” which captures all the info we need ona single screen. Will put out a screenshot once we are ready with it.

Plenty of ideas swirling in my head — will put these out in the coming days. We are definitely on the right track, but we do need in the coming months to get some paying customers! At the end of the day, technology is a good thing to do, but money in the bank is the best validation.


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