PC Reuse Schemes

P. Jauhar writes in from Singapore on PC Recycling:

In Singapore, too, there is a PC reuse scheme. The reasoning behind this is that some PC ability is required even for the simplest of jobs these days. Older workers are left out of the job market if they cannot use a PC in a simple way. Also, many children of low income families suffer if they do not have a PC at home. Their teachers set homework by email and often a PC is required to do the homework. So the Government encourages large companies, ministries and statutory bodies to donate their discarded PCs for this scheme. The PCs available under this scheme range from P-166 onwards. However, the rules insist that the recipient provide proof that he/she taken basic PC literacy training. Highly subsidised courses are available and the cost of training may be as low as US$5.00.

Similar PC Reuse schemes are practiced in various countries. Malaysia adopted a different approach. They allowed people to use their provident fund savings to buy new PCs. But this scheme has been discontinued as there was some misuse.

PC recycling

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