GoodContacts: GoodIdea

Writes Stewart Alsop (Fortune) about a new software program: “[GoodContact’s] goal is to help you maintain accurate contact information. The program does this by sending e-mails to people in your electronic address book, showing them the addresses and phone numbers and so on in their file, and asking them to update it for you. Once they respond, your desktop computer’s contact-management program is automatically updated.”

Alsop’s Dream: “Imagine that we all have one phone number and one e-mail address that knows where we are. Imagine that the network keeps track of our location and our personal data, and automatically updates anyone who might be interested. Imagine that we don’t have to think about whether the right phone number or address is stored in the network or our PC or our PDA or our phone. Imagine that all these little details of personal life are just handled. ”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.