Hotel Room Mini-Bars

Writes WSJ:

Inter-Continental Houston’s “Intelligent Rooms” allow management to monitor guest-room temperature and lighting; they’re also equipped with the latest in minibar technology: an “e-fridge” equipped with sensors that alert the central computer system at the hotel when an item is removed. Such an item is immediately billed to the room — unfortunate news for guests who have grown accustomed to re-stocking their minibars with items from a local convenience store in order to avoid the in-room markup.

There’s also less time to peruse the snack aisle: If an item is off its sensor pad for more than 30 seconds, it’s automatically billed to the room.

Maybe some of that technology could go in providing Internet access via Thin Clients in hotel rooms. I’d spend USD 10 extra per day for that, much more than I ever spend using the mini-bar.

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