Microsoft Longhorn

Two articles on what to expect from Microsoft’s next OS codenamed Longhorn, which will be released in 2004-5:

  • InfoWorld quotes Jim Allchin: “You’re really designing systems that will live not five years but 10, 15, 20 years based on a Windows architecture that will be modular and componentized…It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. You can get presence information, you can get notifications, and you can sort of integrate the front office and consumer applications with what’s happening in the backroom.”

  • Yahoo News – Microsoft’s Next Must-Have Operating System: “One report has indicated that Longhorn will use a new application programming interface (API) framework, code-named Avalon, as the core of its new information access architecture. The structure is intended to let users share and organize information in a more intuitive way than in previous versions of Windows. The platform, according to reports, also is designed to tie into a .NET environment.”


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