Computing’s Present State

Writes Charles Copper (

Whom do we blame for our current computing state? The early industry was basically handed blueprints by Microsoft and IBM some 20 years ago. Then it was left up to those who followed to figure out how to make the best of what was a pretty ungainly attempt at human-computer symbiosis.

However, there have been some nice tweaks along the way. The Macintosh user interface and the personal digital assistant are some of my favorites, but we’re still a world away from where we should–or could–be.

With everyone looking for the next killer app, here’s a hint: Make it easy. While a voice-activated “Starship Enterprise” interface might be nice, it’s still a pipe dream. This much I can guarantee: The first company that figures out how to free us from our collective computing straitjacket will strike financial gold.

My ideas for the killer apps: universally, the Digital Dashboard (the theme for next week’s Tech Talk), and layered on it for the enterprise – the integrated eBusiness suite, and for the home – the personal video recorder, integrated with the PC.

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Rajesh Jain

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