100 Days Ago

I have added a section in the right column entitled “100 Days Ago”. This links to my blog posts from the past. It is interesting to see what I was thinking a quarter ago. For example, as I was writing yesterday on the desktop, I found a reference to a post on June 6 (100 days ago) on “A New Desktop“. The similarity in thinking was quite uncanny, even though I had approached the same issue from a different angle.

One of the things blogs are not good yet good at is extracting similar past posts. The Related Entries that we’ve done is a good start, but quite primitive, and requires me to manually give a set of keywords. Blogs capture ongoing thinking, and so it is necessary to be able to put posts in context, provide the bigger picture. Blogs currently have only two navigation parameters: time (calendar) and categories.

Would be good to create “Blog Maps” or more approrpiately, Mind Maps, which show how thinking may have evolved over time, or even the type of posts that one has been doing over time.

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Rajesh Jain

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