RoamAD uses WiFi for WANs

Rafe Needleman (Business 2.0) writes:

One of the most interesting businesses I’ve seen lately is RoamAD, a New Zealand-based company that is building technology for seamless metropolitan Wi-Fi coverage. It enables a wireless access provider to offer continuous wireless local area network connections to devices within small, but downtown-size, areas.

RoamAD builds Wi-Fi radio networks. The company looks at the geography and architecture in a contained metropolitan area and engineers a coordinated installation of access points and antennas. They also tweak their radios’ electronic identifiers so a Wi-Fi end-user device sees one big cloud of access, not a bunch of short-range access points.

RoamAD’s technology is very relevant for emerging markets because it helps bypass the last-mile connectivity problems.


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Rajesh Jain

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