Moore’s Lore

Corante’s new blog by Dana Blankenhorn: “Over the next several months I’ll be looking at robots, and biochips, and MEMS devices. I’ll be looking at new paradigms, voice-activated networks (rather than mouse-activated networks), and at applications that run themselves…I’ll be looking for stuff that’s possible, and that does things people need doing, without content, with only home-grown inputs.”

An interesting explanation for the name: “Moores Law defines the history of technology. It held that the number of circuits etched on a given piece of silicon could double every 18 months as far as its author, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore, could see. Moores Law has spawned constant revolutions since then, not just in computing but in communications, in science, in a host of areas. Moores Law applies to radios, and to optical fiber, but there are some areas where it doesnt apply. In this blog well take a daily look at new implications of Moores Law in real time, as it rolls forward to create our future.”

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Rajesh Jain

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