Dashboard: Aggregation, not Integration

I have also been thinking about the Digital Dashboard comments received. There are some very interesting ideas emerging from (a) the comments received (b) our early internal protoypes. Need to write more on this, but it will take me a few more days to think things through.

One point that I wanted to briefly mention in the context of the dashboard work we are doing is that there is a difference between aggregation and integration – we are not trying to create a universal workspace to replace everything else. We want to provide an aggregate view of all that is happening in one’s world. In the past, we had just a couple ways to receive and send info. Now, these have multiplied, along with the flow – email, IM, blogs, websites, SMS. We are reading and writing in multiple spaces – each a silo as of now. That is where the digital dashboard can make a big difference – speed up the information we can process in the same time, while leveraging (and not replacing) existing applications.

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