PC as Tech Driver?

From Bizipoint:

The personal computer’s role as the primary driver of semiconductor technology is finished, according to an IBM Corp. executive. PCs may once have been the key driver during the past decade, but it no longer is, according to John Kelly, senior VP and group executive of IBM’s Technology Group. Kelly was a speaker at the Albany Symposium on Global Nanotechnology in Lake George, N.Y.

“We’ve seen the end of the PC as the driver of the industry,” he said. So just what will drive semiconductor technology next? “The grid — the Internet — is the backbone of future computing,” Kelly said. “Also autonomic computing, computers that can self heal (much like the body’s autonomic nervous system.)” He said key enabling technologies and capabilities include Linux and other open software systems, open middleware standards, wireless standards, fiber bandwidth evolution, powerful devices linked to backend infrastructure, security, and reaching the last mile to the end user.

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