Searching for Customer No. 1

Its the challenge which every entrepreneur faces – a product is ready for the marketplace, awaiting the first customer. Until the first customer signs up, the product is merely a research project, an interesting idea. The first (paying) customer lends legitimacy to the entire effort. It also gives the entrepreneur the much-needed boost that if there’s one out there willing to pay there will be others. Finding the all-elusive first customer is always a big challenge.

We are in exactly the same situation with our Thin Client-Thick Server project. We have got a few trials ongoing, but no paying customer yet. Maybe I was overly optimistic that by September-end we’d have had our Customer No. 1. It still looks to be some distance away. I’ve been through this many times before. It is never an easy feeling. One has to battle all kinds of self-doubts. This is the time when has to keep faith in the vision – because everyone else in the organisation is watching.

I know we have a winner on our hands with TC-TS (have christened it Emergic Freedom: Thin Client Desktop-Thick Server OS). But we need to position it right and take it to the right customers. We are struggling a little here. But I am hoping to set that right soon. Initial feedback from those who have seen it has been positive, but we haven’t yet made the conversion. I am getting the brochures ready, so we ourselves are clear on the product.

This is the fun part of being an Entrepreneur. One has chosen the road out of choice with all its ups and downs. Each day brings greater hope, greater optimism. There is a confidence we are headed in the right direction. It is a long road ahead. I am prepared. Disruptive Innovations and Revolutions aren’t for the faint-hearted. And for me, Emergic is even bigger – it is about taking computing to the other 90%. One does not get such opportunities every day.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.