Emergic Software Factory

One way to think about our business is as a software factory, where we work with channel partners who do the hardware integration around the software we provide. There’s no one really offering “software processors” at the lower-end and we can be that. 80% open source, 20% proprietary.

This idea came up as we talked to our MailServ (messaging product) channel partners. Their feedback was they wanted to see the TC-TS and Messaging product bundled both in terms of running on the same server (hardware) but also in pricing. Then I realised they were looking at us as a “software objects” supplier. So I thought maybe we can do more. There is a lot that exists in open source, its just that no one tries to integrate it all together across the entire platform. Thats the opportunity – put it together at 1-10% of what the big so-called SME vendors sell their software for. Start at the bottom of the pyramid and then move up.

Emergic Vision

Emergic is about bringing down technology costs by a factor of 10, and thus become the computing platform of choice for the next billion consumers and other 20 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who have not been able to fully leverage expensive and proprietary dollar-denominated technologies.

Emergic is about the other 90% – the people and organisations in the worlds emerging markets. This is where technology has not yet penetrated deeply. Yet, for this 90%, technology offers perhaps the last opportunity to better integrate into the worlds value chain and improve the standard of living for their people.

Emergic is about realising the vision of a computer on every desktop and in every home in every developing country of the world, at price-points they can afford.

Detailed note (written on August 24)

Emergic Software Architecture

Here’s something I put together as a possible software architecture for Emergic:

Emergic Dashboard
Next-Generation Desktop
RSS, Publish-Subscribe, Outliners
Personal and Enterprise Events
Amplify Information Processing by 10X

Emergic Enterprise
Integrated eBusiness Suite
Visual Biz-ic, ERP+CRM+SCM
Web Services, Business Process Standards
Enable the Intelligent, Real-time Enterprise

Emergic Intranet
Collaboration, Content Management
Personal and Group Publishing via K-Logs
Share and Manage Tacit Knowledge

Emergic Freedom
Thin Client Desktop-Thick Server OS
Server-centric Computing and Storage
Desktop Applications, File and Print Servers
Reduce Cost of Computing by 75%

Emergic MailServ
Identity Management, Email, IM
Enable Real-time, Integrated Messaging

Emergic Central
Proxy, Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus
Secure and Connect the Enterprise

Local Language Support
Build on Open-source Software base

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.