A better Computer Mouse

From News.com:

Popularized by Norway’s Opera Software, the “mouse gesture” is slowly winning converts among software developers who hope to simplify repetitive tasks in computer applications.

The idea is to allow people to execute commands with a simple flick of the wrist, rather than navigate through complicated point-and-click toolbars and drop-down menus. In Opera’s Web browser, for example, a person who wants to return to a previous page can simply hold down a button and slide the mouse to the left, rather than moving the cursor to the top of the screen and hitting the “back” button.

Something for us to note: “Programmers associated with the Mozilla open-source team plan to release an upgrade Thursday to a mouse-gestures project known as Optimoz. The effort is one of several to expand the reach of a kinetic, rather than a graphical, user interface (UI) in the browser and beyond. At least one developer is seeking to add gesture functions in popular Windows applications.”

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Rajesh Jain

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