Outlook, Exchange and Office

Two stories from News.com – the first talks about the enhancements to Outlook and Exchange, while the second is an interview with Jeff Raikes on MS-Office and the Tablet PC.

Writes News.com:

The PC version of Outlook will sport a new look, with Microsoft moving the window that previews the text of an e-mail from the bottom of the screen to the right-hand side. Another new feature is the ability to group e-mail based on when messages arrive. Outlook will also feature improvements in sorting mail, including new multicolored flags that people can use to determine each e-mail’s importance. Computer users can then put flagged e-mail in multiple folders in their inbox.

Microsoft said the future version of Outlook will automatically run in a “cache mode,” meaning a copy of contacts, schedules and e-mails will always be stored locally on users’ computers. The local copy on the PC will regularly sync up to the corporate network to ensure information is up to date, said Chris Baker of Microsoft.

The new version of Exchange and Outlook also compresses the data being sent back and forth between the computer and back-end server, Baker said. The two new features–compression and “cache mode”–reduce the workload on the back-end servers, allowing businesses to save money because they can support more people on each server, he said.

We need to track all these Microsoft applications because we provide their Linux alternatives in the form of Evolution, MailServ (which is our own solution) and OpenOffice to organisations.

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