Open Source Requirements Management Systems

A Slashdot reader has put together a wishlist of his needs:

  • Has to be web based. We are going to be spread all over the country and i see no other realistic way of doing it.
  • Has to handle multiple projects
  • I want it set up so I can take the tree of requirements, click on a button and have it take a snapshot of those requirements and mark them as the requirements for version 1. I can then still use the original requirements tree to create the requirements for version 2.0, in the future. I then want the ability to compare the two snapshots and generate a report that I can give to marketing which says: “these are the changes from version 1.0 to 2.0”
  • I want the defect tracking integrated into it. Source code management I don’t really care about, but bottom line, I want to be able to click on my snapshot of version 2.0 and run a report that itemizes everything in it, from requirements to bug fixes. I want to be able to look at a closed bug and see what release of the product it was integrated into. on this level, I really don’t give a rats @$# about what version of data.h the fix was integrated in.
  • If I have a bug reported in version 1 of a release, I want it to flag the developers of version 2 that this may be an issue for them as well. Basically have a little bit of AI as far as who needs to know about a bug, and make sure to incorporate the fix for that bug into future releases.
  • I want security set up so there is a free communication during the process of requirements management. anyone who is anyone will be permitted to add input to new feature ideas using this system. the Development Director for the particular project would be the only one permitted to make a suggestion a requirement.
  • I want an impact tree. I want to be able to run a report to show the CEO that if he wants to change the encryption from Blowfish to AES, its going to impact these requirements.

  • We have used Outreach internally and it looks good. A quote from Paul Gillingwater, Lanifex: “It was really developed as a way to allow us to keep in touch with multiple customers and partners for various projects, and includes incident management, a knowledge base, bulletin board, document repository with versioning and notification, and a handy e-mail archiving system too. It has a few plug-in options, including a GANTT tool, and an on-line update capability. It uses LAMP, but will also run under Windows if you’re able to set up MySQL, Apahce and PHP correctly.”

    Other suggestions included: Alexandria, Aegis , Wiki+Bugzilla, Tutos, Jira, Tigris, PhpProjekt, CVS.

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