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A Slashdot reader asks about distributions/configurations for specific uses: “My college (UMPI) is currently reviewing a proposal to collect old hardware from small businesses and assemble machines for those who do not have a PC. The issue came up as to what linux distro to use that will allow us ease of both setup and ability to lock down the machine so once they are out in the field, they cant be tinkered with by accident (thus preventing problems later). These will be used solely for the purpose of web activities (surfing/mail), and word processing and *THATS IT*. Does anyone have suggestions and an idea about how to go about a standardized (or a sort of embedded) configuration across variable hardware?”

There are some very interesting responses from readers. A few of note:
– use graphical terminals with a boot server
– Knoppix
– Gentoo Linux
– Kiosk-mode Linux
– Kawaii Linux
– Icewm as Window Manager
– Lindows

This is exactly what Emergic Freedom is doing: a mix of old PCs and server-based computing, with all the basic open-source applications that are needed.

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