Linux Predictions

Five predictions on Linux by Ninad Mehta:

1) Sun will abandon new development on Solaris in 3 years or it will die! Sun supports Linux on its low end servers (Cobalt) today and it will invest more and more to make Linux supported on its higher end platforms. Need to understand more on Sun’s strategy for Linux.

2) Microsoft, on the other hand will bundle more and more software “free” to entice customers to stay with Windows. Microsoft will try to look more and more “open” without actually doing so. Microsoft will continue its propaganda against lack of support and keep enhancing its Office suite to stay one step ahead.

3) Dell, IBM and others will give an option to buy a consumer desktop running Linux (or Lindows within one year)!

4) ERP, CRM and SCM software vendors will have full support for Linux within 3 years on most of their software.

5) A whole bunch of consulting companies will spring up to “support” various flavors of Linux over time. Industry verticals will get formed for different versions of Linux.

I think Ninad (and Linux) are on the right track.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.