Slashdot Model

In an article entitled Site for the Truly Geeky Makes a Few Bucks, the New York Times asks if the Slashdot model is the future of 21st century Internet publishing.

Some stats on Slashdot: “The 25-year-old creators of the site, Rob Malda and Jeff Bates, estimate that in their five years online they have published 30,000 articles, served 500 million pages and amassed an audience estimated at 2 million people including some 50,000 who regularly enter the continuing conversation at least once a month.”

Slashdot is a community weblog. Its editors cull out stories mainly for the geeky and techie crowd, who then comment on the stories, even as the community ranks their comments. Its a site I visit daily. Earlier I used to do so only for the links (the stories that they were covering), but increasingly, I have been reading the comments also – they are as valuable and idea-generating as the stories themselves.

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