Eric Schmidt on Innovation

From Dan Gillmor’s article on Google, quoting the CEO Eric Schmidt:

Innovation happens no matter what markets do, Schmidt says, a common refrain. “Innovation comes from universities,” he says, “and it’s producing enormous step-ups in wireless, chip design, Linux and information mining,” among other areas. But most of the innovations he sees tend to be interesting technologies without a persuasive business case.

Yes, Innovation can and is happening everywhere. We need the vision to see it. In my life, I’ve always liked to be different and innovative. There is a plus and a minus. The positive side is that one does not face too much competition in the marketplace, because there isn’t anyone else doing something similar. The negative is that one has to sell concepts to potential buyers and that can take time. In this selling process, the greatest ally for the entrepreneur is his Passion. And that can win over even some of the die-hard naysayers.

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Rajesh Jain

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