Microsoft’s SME Business

Writes Forbes about the challenge that Douglas Burgum (former CEO of Great Plains which Microsoft bought) faces – boost sales by $10 billion in ten years:

Says his boss, [Jeff] Raikes: “The goal is about what the world will be like in 2010. You won’t pick a doctor, lawyer, contractor or insurance agent unless you can electronically communicate with them. Small and medium-size businesses will embrace the Internet.”

The focus Burgum has is on SMEs. We too want to create enterprise software for SMEs – the ones in the emerging markets who will not be able to pay for Microsoft’s products.

I like the point made by Raikes – imagine what the world will be in 2010. Many-a-time, we fail because we don’t think or dream big enough or far ahead. The first step to build the future is to envision it.


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Rajesh Jain

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