I was talking to a friend and discussing the state of – what else – the technology industry. I mentioned to him that this was one of the best times to do innovative work. If one looked and thought hard enough, there were plenty of opportunities. And I wondered why others didn’t think along the same lines. He simply said, “Others don’t think enough.”

That set me thinking (!) When I look back to my entrpereneurial career of 10 years, it is my reading-thinking-writing combination which has helped generate new ideas. They all work in tandem and reinforce each other – a kind-of positive feedback. Reading provides the external inputs. Thinking helps identify possible opportunities and Writing clarifies thought.

Much of what we are trying to do in Emergic is not unique by itself. But no one has tried to put together the collection of ideas the way we have. This has all come slowly – it has taken the better part of 18 months to script it all. Now, the actions seem to come easily and rapidly – the big picture is quite clear to me (and hopefully the others in the company).

But the game has just begun. We have a long and arduous road ahead. It is what I enjoy – the ups and downs. One knows one is on the right track when the down days outnumber the up days. It keeps the RTW routine going! In fact, by thinking enough, I think one can build innovative technology companies without spending too much money. But then writing cheques is often the easy way out.

This is where the blog has personally made a huge difference to me in the past 5.5 months. It has drilled the daily RTW routine into me. It has also exposed me to ideas from people I’d never otherwise have interacted it. The more open we are willing to be with our thinking, the more we get back.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.