On Time

Writes John Robb: “Time is much different when you are managing a company. It’s less important how you spend an hour here or there. What is more important is making sure that the days, weeks, and months spent working are going in the right direction. That is the wasted time I worry about. I guess I am still ruled by time but without the direct tyranny of the watch but more of the calendar.” I agree with John. The minutes don’t matter as much as the direction one is headed.

On a personal basis, I stopped wearing a watch about 20+ years ago. I lost it on a beach in a school picnic, felt bad about it, and decided not to wear one. Have never really felt the need for one. Over the years, I have developed a reasonable accurate sense of telling the time and can tell what time it is within a range of a few minutes (unless of course I am woken up in the middle of the night!)

In a way, the more one escapes from the tyranny of the clock/watch, it is there everywhere around us. On other people’s wrists, the cellphone, the computer, the car. In my room, there are 4 different clocks, each having its own opinion on the current time.

I have found myself to be much more happier without having to worry about thw watch on the wrist. Not to say that I am late for appointments. In general, I am always on or before time. In fact, I am a stickler for punctuality. But not having to worry about each minute passing by is good.

I like the timelessness of travel in an airplane, especially a long flight. Sitting in the seat strapped with the belt, there is little one can do. Except think and read, and let time slowly pass. Only then does one realise how long an hour is, and how little we value it on the ground.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.