Secure Open Linux Desktop

The Register writes about the decision by the European Commission to award netproject a contract to “study the issues of migrating government computers in member states to a Linux / Open Source environment.

The work will draw upon a pilot netproject has been doing for the UK Police IT Organisation (details PDF).

Eddie Bleasdale, a director at netproject, calls it the “Secure Open Desktop Architecture.” The user-facing part of the West Yorkshire police system consists of an ultra low cost machine being supplied by the Telford office of Taiwanese company GCI, price 299, including a smart card reader.

The system, which can include legacy Windows systems, making it easier for customers to transition to open source. The clients themselves are ‘stateless,’ so a user can log on with their smartcard from any machine on the network, and get immediate access to their personal desktop, which includes Openoffice.

It seems to be like what we talk about with Emergic Freedom – terminal/server computing, based on Linux. What is new is the addition of the smart-card for access and the positioning as a “secure” solution.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.